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First Blog Post! 🥳


After weeks of agonizing over which static-site generator to use (Jekyll wasn't working out...), what templates to go for, I ended up trying several options, until I found a different forcing function - the availability of accessibile templates!

Or in other words the availabilities of templates, which when you create a website, generate web-accessibility standards respecting code. So many beautiful templates make way-too liberal use of <div> elements for code-structuring and don't give any affordance for better navigation for screen reader users...

So I'm settling on this template for now, which seems to be decently navigable with VoiceOver, but fingers crossed that there isn't some fly in the ointment further down the line.

Way too nerdy deets - built on Tailwind CSS 3.0 + NextJS 3.0 - still deciding where to host all this for now as I type this.